Breed History

The American Black Hereford Association was officially organized in 1994 by the late John Gage as a not-for-profit corporation.  The purpose of the breed, according to its founder, was to eliminate red-baldie calves in a Hereford/Angus cross breeding program.  In the past, black-baldie calves have topped the market at the sale barns.  The benefit of using Black Herefords is to obtain Hereford heterosis without the financial disadvantage of Hereford discounts.
The ABHA promotes the Black Hereford breed and produces promotional materials for the association as well as member breeders as a service to the ABHA membership.  Herefords have always been known for their docile temperament and feed efficiency.  Angus have always been known for lighter birth weights, good growth and outstanding carcasses.  The combination of these two breeds produces an outstanding animal with the benefit of the black color -"the color you can count on!"
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